There are literally thousands of photographers in Australia

What can you offer that’s different from everyone else?

In the competitive Photography field, anything that you can do to add value to your photography sessions will aide in generating more revenue for your photography business.

Fusion Photography is combining a stills photography shoot with a video shoot on the same day, often on the same shooting device.

Meaning that you probably already own most of the equipment needed for shooting fusion! The only thing lacking is the education on how to do it professionally and efficiently and how to edit it after it is shot.My background is in video – I have been in the television industry since 1999 and have worked in broadcast television (for Channel 9), the head editor for post production companies in Sydney, a freelance editor in London and, over the last 5 years, cinematographer in my own video production business with ProMojo.

When Canon released their 5D Mark 2 camera, it was revolutionary for the video industry.

It was like being given a film camera and lens setup that would have otherwise cost over $50,000 to get even close to what film cameras could shoot. As such there are many high-budget commercials, films, short films, television series and more that are shot using these amazing cameras.

I now use the Canon 5D as my primary production camera.

The amazing thing is that even with the video community snapping up these cameras into production, there are 10:1 photographers that own this camera than there are cinematographers – yet there are very few photographers that know how to implement these features into their business.

As such I’m passionate about the merging of these two very unique but very similar industries. I believe that every cinematographer should know how to take great photographs and every photographer should know how to take great video. I’ve recognized the opportunity to share the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the last 12 years of being in the industry to photographers who recognize this emerging new Fusion industry. I hold Fusion workshops throughout Australia, which is a hands-on approach to shooting Fusion where, over two days, we shoot and edit a fusion clip together.

A fusion clip shot during a Fusion Workshop on the Gold Coast

PJ Films Workshop Fusion Clip from Philip Johns.

Feedback from workshop participants:

“AMAZED and SURPRISED that you made such a beautiful show with so little to work with… gives me hope. Hahaha. I certainly still have a LOT of practising to do, but thanks to your workshop I already have a better understanding.”
Jodie, Bounce Photography

“Can’t believe that what we shot turned into something so amazing and magical. Thank you so much for sharing and letting us be a part of the next big thing! It was an amazing experience and thank you so much!””
Carley, Captured by Carley

“Thank you so much for teaching us your amazing skills xo”
Nicole, You and Me Photography

This comprehensive workshop covers everything you will ever need to know about shooting Fusion such as:

  • Why videographers prefer to shoot on Canons VS DV or HDV cameras
  • The difference between shooting stills VS shooting video.
  • Digital SLR Limitations
  • Working out what shooting kit you will need
  • Lighting
  • How to ensure you are shooting good quality audio
  • How to set the correct settings for video within your camera
  • How to set your scene and direct your talent for video
  • Maintaining good focus whilst shooting
  • How to import your footage into your computer
  • Discussing software options
  • Basic editing techniques to hold your viewer’s interest
  • Colour grading your shots to enhance the colours and mood of your setting
  • Sharing your final video on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Marketing and pricing your fusion business.
If you’re serious about expanding your photography business,
you can’t afford to miss the next workshop!

If you’re not 100% satisfied that you have learned valuable information,
we will give you a 100% refund.

So what have you got to lose? You’ve got everything to gain!