Shooting has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Well actually I lie – from 4 years old when my uncle, cameraman for the NBN news in Newcastle, took me up in the helicopter for a shoot it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do! Shooting is pretty neat – you get to use the best tools and resources to get the shot you need, be it helicopters, dollies, cranes, professional crew – being a cinematographer is stressful but also fun and rewarding. As a career being a cinematographer has taken me to some pretty cool places throughout Australia as far as Darwin to Sydney.


Adjusting the settings for DSLR Workshop

Having a strong editing background means I know how to critique a shot. I know what I want to see as an editor, which makes me far more aware of how to shoot to get the intended result.

I consider myself a ‘venturistic’ cinematographer, preferring to try new methods of achieving stunning results using cheaper alternates to shooting on film to gain a similar result. My preferred shooting method is onto Digital SLR cameras in video mode which I have used for many top-end projects such as for Gold Coast Tourism, Brookfield Multiplex, Toyota and more. With its annoying nuances and all, the quality of the end result is stunning with incredible depth of field and latitude. I also own a Sony Z1P kit and accessories for shooting events or high-motion shots requiring a servo zoom and a wider depth of field, but I can also shoot on any ENG style broadcast cameras.


Whilst I follow a given brief exactly, if I notice a better way of doing things at the time I’ll suggest it. I direct the talent to get exactly the shot we’re after and usually have a lot of fun doing it!

Shooting for Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast

I love my job as cinematographer and I bring this passion to your project and always deliver the best I can, no matter the size. I take my role very seriously yet still have a lot of fun doing it. I hope to be working with you soon.

Philip Johns