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I was once again given the opportunity to shoot alongside Ainslie Bernoth from Wild Spirit Photography last Thursday where we were shooting a session for Jodie and her gorgeous family. Jodie was an attendee from the first Fusion workshop that I held and was one of the cinematographers for the gorgeous video of Ashton & Savannah that we did during the workshop.

Ainslie had three amazing setups for us, and it goes to show just how amazing your shoots can look when you add some color! From gorgeous multi-colored drapes that hung over the bed to the brilliantly colored cupcakes, the props really add to the vibrancy of the shoot. Even the container that they bathed their dog in was bright green which looked fantastic, even though it had a huge hole in it and ended up leaking water all over the floor!

On this shoot I was using my new pocket slider which was a lot quicker in setting up than my 3m long wally dolly. It meant I could set up very quickly and keep shooting – in shooting fusion anything you can do to save time helps! Other than that I had one small portable, battery driven LED light to punch a bit of light into the shadows, other than that it was lit with ambient light and shot at ISO 1250. Admittedly I would have preferred to use the light from the modelling light, however the one used for the bedroom shoot wasn’t working and shooting downstairs was tricky with the strong halogen lights.


Jodies Family from Philip Johns on Vimeo.


  1. 6-15-2011

    Philip, We are so LUCKY to have met you! Thank you so very, VERY much for such wonderful memoires of me and my ‘babies’. I am completely OVER the moon with the memories you have captured so beautifully for us! THANK YOU!!!!

    • 6-15-2011

      Truly a pleasure Jodie! Your kids were gorgeous and WHAT A SETTING! Ainslie made you guys look awesome!! Really glad you’re happy with the edit 🙂

    • 6-22-2011

      Oh my god, Jodie, what a lovely way to capture you and your love for those children…it is simply beautiful and you nearly got this unemotional person, very emotional..Well done to the Team..who captured this…

  2. 6-15-2011

    You have brought tears to my eyes! That is so beautiful. Not that I expected anything less but you forget how much of a ‘punch’ Fusion gives to your emotions. Absolutely beautiful x

  3. 6-15-2011

    Beautiful Jodie. xo Gail

  4. 6-15-2011

    wow wow wow ~ Jodie this is such a wonderful capture of you and your kidlets. You look just so happy…love the giggling on the bed. Philip this movie is great.


  5. 6-16-2011

    Gosh, I choked up watching this video…what a beautiful clip to remember precious times Jodie, amazing Phillip !!

  6. 6-16-2011

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! love love love it! xox

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