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Introducing Fusion Photography

I’ve recently been working with a brilliant photographer, Ainslie Bernoth, who is the owner of Wild Spirit Photography. Together we realized that we were on the brink of something amazing and we have dubbed it “Fusion” – the combining of professional photographs with the capabilities of DSLR cameras being able to record video.

Now you might be thinking that this isn’t new news at all – hear me out. Professional photographers have these cameras that take beautiful photographs that have a video function – and don’t know how to use it more than how to push record and stop when it’s finished. Fusion photography is the ability to do BOTH on the same shoot, take some photographs and then take video as well using your DSLR camera which is then edited into a 3-5 minute video. The client then walks away with not only some fantastic photographs, but a video that can be shared with friends and family over the internet and DVD in gorgeous quality. Within the video edit we include still images that are taken as well just as an added bonus!

I will be running a workshop on May the 16th, 17th and 18th in association with Ainslie, so contact her on if you would like to know more.

In the meantime, enjoy our first “Fusion” edit featuring ‘Thais’, a French Au-Pair living in Australia.


Thais H264 1280×720 1618kbps from Philip Johns on Vimeo.

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