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Natural Arch – Short Film

We have been working on a project for Gold Coast tourism and I had the opportunity to get my hands on a Canon 7D for most of the shots. One of the locations we needed to highlight was at the Natural Arch near Springbrook, Queensland, Australia. It is a spectacular location just north of the NSW border and the cave is renown for the glow worms that live on the ceiling of the cave.


As mentioned this was shot using a Canon 7D at 25fps 1080p. I took three lenses with me, but I think I only used two – the Tokina 11-16mm and the Canon 40-80mm.

For the dolly shots I was using the Wally Dolly, an Australian made dolly kit. The kit is quite cumbersome and takes a bit of time to set up, but the results are worth it. If you have help to carry this piece of gear then it’s all good.

Shooting on the Wally Dolly

The two shots at the start were captured from my simple car mount system purchased from Rig Shots and slowed down using After Effects. I’m keen to purchase the tie-down kit now which will take out the small vibrations you see.


In post production I used Magic Bullet Looks on many of the shots, but I didn’t use any of the presets that they provide you, rather I used a ‘curves’ filter to crush some of the blacks and give you that ‘dark forest’ look and punch the colors somewhat. In a few of the shots I also put a very slight diffusion and vignette. I used After Effects to do the slow motion using pixel motion frame blending. I also used After Effects to stabilize the last shot which was really hard to keep steady – panning whilst dollying isn’t easy! There was also a small fixup I did on the second shot where there was a sign in the shot (at the end of the road) which ruined the look of the serenity of the rainforest – a simple duplicate and mask fixed that pretty quickly.

Natural Arch from Philip Johns on Vimeo.

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