About Phil

Philip Johns is a talented and experienced photographer, cinematographer and graphic artist. Naturally creative, and with a gift for seeing details, he has developed his skills for over ten years in diverse and demanding roles.

The quality of Philip’s work comes from his instinct to be discrete, efficient, and unobtrusive. Because he is sensitive to the ambiance he captures not only images, but relationships, connections, and defining aspects of the people and objects he photographs and films. He is reliable in performing and delivering work of an exceptional and professional standard.

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0431 215404

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Editing and Motion Graphics

Although I love shooting and directing, my roots are as an editor and have been for over 12 years. I don’t believe that knowing the software makes you a good editor, neither do I believe that going to university to study editing can make you a good editor, but I strongly believe that being a good editor comes down to what you already know inside. Everything else – the software you use and the material you work with – comes secondary to the importance of being able to tell a story or make a point with the matieral and tools you have at hand.

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Philip Johns is a professional cinematographer, editor and photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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